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Automatic Cold Cranking Simulator for Measuring the Apparent Viscosity of Engine Oils

The Cold Cranking Simulator CCS is used to measure the apparent viscosity of oils at temperatures from -35°C to -5°C. The CCS is designed to simulate the oil viscosity under cold starting (cranking) conditions.
  • GD-H1088
  • GOLD

GD-H1088 Automatic Cold Cranking Simulator for Measuring the Apparent Viscosity of Engine Oils


The Automatic Cold Cranking Simulator is mainly used to test the low temperature dynamic viscosity of engine oil. The CCS is controlled by computer automatically. Automatic injection, cleaning, calculation of viscosity results. It is the most advanced CCS tester in China so far. 


  1.  Automatic testing rotating speed, control current and reduce human error.

  2.  Semiconductor refrigeration, a large quantity of cold.

  3.  It adopts imported motor drive, high precision.

  4.  LCD screen shows all working conditions.

  5.  Printer can be connected to print the results.

  6.  After calibration with standard oil, results are automatically calculated.

  7.  Computer control, windows operating system, all English interface.

  8.  Improved rotor, low torque test state, high repeatability.

  9.  Automatically generate calibration curves, direct display of test viscosity results.

  10.  All test procedures are fully automatic control without manual operation, automatic stop and heat up after the test

  11.  The instrument automatically recommends the cooling temperature.

  12.  Rotary encoder detects speed.

  13.  Viscosity measurement range: 500~15,000CP.

  14.  It can edit 20 kinds of standard oil results.

  15.  Equipped with a dedicated low-temperature refrigeration equipment.



Applicable standards

GB/T6538, ASTM D2602, D5293


Refrigeration method

Semiconductor refrigeration


Circulation method

Multi-function universal steel pump


Temperature control mode

digital display PID temperature controller


Detection method

Automatic injection, automatic cleaning, automatic testing


Result processing

Automatic storage, printing


Temperature control range

Normal temperature~-35℃


Working power supply

AC220 V, 50Hz

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