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GDY-1A Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter to Botswana

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On Sep. 24th, 2020 , we got customer's inquiry from Alibaba that he was looking for Oxygen bomb calorimeter for testing the calorific value of boildiesel. 

At that moment, I introduced all of our oxygen bomb calorimeters to him as below:

GDY-1A: This is the manual type. It needs to calculate the calorific value by engineer.

GDY-1A+:This one can calculate by the instrument and diplayed on color LCD. Meanwhile, there is a built-in printer.

GDY-1C: This one is fully automatic controlled by PC with external printer.  and its temperature resolution can reach to 0.0001℃

oxygen bomb calorimeter

As the customer's request, I provided price of GDY-1A and GDY-1A+ for customer's reference, and checked the cost of delivery (including by air and by sea)for him. 

On Nov. 25th, 2020, the customer left message on whatsapp for double checking the price and cost.  After getting my confirmation, the customer placed order of GDY-1A. and paid for it. 

It took us 7 days to produce it as below:

Oxygen bomb calorimetry

Oxygen Bomb Calorimetry (2)

Oxygen Bomb Calorimetry (3)

And then we arranged delivery to customer as soon as possible.

Oxygen Bomb Calorimeter(4)

Oxygen bomb calorimetry

The customer gave us feedback that the end-user planned to buy more 10 sets. 

Hope our good quality,  moderate price and professional service can help us to get long-term cooperation with our customers from the worldwide. 

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