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HTHS High Temperature High Shear Viscometer(ASTM D5481)

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HTHS High Temperature High Shear Viscometer(ASTM D5481)

What is HTHS?

The HTHS is a multi-cell viscometer for viscosity testing of engine oils and base oils at high temperature and high shear. It meets all precision specifications of ASTM D5481 and SAE J300.

Test Significance of HTHS?

HTHS is one of the four basic viscosity measurements in SAE J300 which defines the rules around engine oil viscosity grades. It's necessary to measure the HTHS of every formulated engine oil in order to check that it is within the viscosity grade. The HTHS test simulates the environment of the engine oil in the moving parts of an engine running at high speed. It has been shown that the HTHS of oil correlates well to fuel economy in some industry fuel economy tests, in particular the M111FE test which is part of the ACEA specifications.

How to work?

Normally the test oil is heated to 150℃, it is then forced through a capillary under pressure and from the time it takes to pass through this capillary and the pressure, the viscosity can be calculated. The capillary is typically of 0.15 mm in diameter and 15-18 mm in length. The test can also be run at other test temperatures if required.

Typical Parameters of HTHS:

1. Applicable standards: ASTM D5481, SH/T0703

2. Heating method: heating rod heating

3. Test temperature: normal temperature~150℃± 0.1℃

4. Working unit: 5 unit tubes

5. Control method: LCD touch screen

6. On-screen display content: test pressure, test time, sample thermostatic time

7. Calculation of results: Windows version of high temperature and high shear viscosity calculation software

8. Working power supply: AC220V, 50HZ

9. Working gas source: nitrogen or other inert gas (self-provided)

Two Models of HTHS High Temperature High Shear Viscometer:

HTHS Viscometer

HTHS multicell capillary viscometer (2)

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