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How to Select an Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer AAS

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There are mainly following three kinds of testing methods of AAS:

1. Flame method

Flame method is the most commonly used analytical method. It is the best choice for testing normal elements which concentration is not too low, the test method is easy, fast and with high accurate;


2. Graphite furnace method

Graphite furnace method is the most classic method of atomic absorption applications.

The instantaneous temperature of graphite furnace can rise to 3000 , it is very effective for some pretty low concentration or some high temperature elements quantitative detection.

Some experts even believe that, the reason why AAS has not been eliminated and still widely applicable is because the high precision and low detection limit of graphite furnace AAS is irreplaceable.


3. Hydride generator method

Also known as cold atomic method, generally used to determine mercury, arsenic and the like elements.


Therefore, to choose a AAS, we must first choose which method is used to do the determination of the content of metal elements, and then according to the determination method to determine the configuration.


Then, how can we understand what we need to use? You have to make clear about following three questions first,

  • First, what metal elements do you need to measure?

  • Second, whats the approximate concentration of the metal elements?

  • Third, whats your test sample?


After confirm above three answers, we can confirm exact configuration to you according to different elements, different content, different.

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