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How to Test the Low Temperature Flow Properties of Oil Products

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Fuels and lubricants usually need to be used under low temperature conditions such as winter, outdoors, and high altitude. Therefore, the fluidity of oil products at low temperatures is an important item for evaluating the performance of oil products. The low temperature fluidity of crude oil and oil products is also of great significance for transportation. The low-temperature flow properties of oil products, including cloud point, freezing point, crystallization point, pour point, freezing point and cold filter plugging point, are all measured under specified conditions.

Cloud point is an important quality indicator of kerosene for lamps, while crystallization point and freezing point are important quality indicators of aviation gasoline and jet fuel.

Could Point:

cloud point

The freezing point refers to the highest temperature at which the oil cools to stop flowing under specified conditions. The freezing point is an item used to evaluate the low-temperature performance of oil products. The more wax content in the oil, the higher the freezing point.

Freezing point:

freezing point

The pour point is the low temperature at which the cooled oil can flow under standard conditions. The cold filter plugging point is an index that indicates the possibility of diesel blocking the filter at low temperatures. It is the oil measured under the specified conditions that cannot pass the filter. The difference between the pour point and the freezing point of different crude oils is different, and the pour point is generally 3 to 5°C higher than the freezing point.

Pour point:

pour point

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