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PT.TECHENOMICS is a professional company supplying oil analysis,fluid management and condition monitoring services to the mining,transport,marine,power and industrial sectors.


We contacted since 2013,and the 1st order is confirmed in Feb.2016.They bought our below proudcts:

GD-265 Carbon Residue Tester

GD-0168 Colorimeter

GD-5096A Copper Strip Corrosion Tester

After receiving our goods,they are satisfied with our quality and service,so they orderred another expensive instrument GD-17040 XRF Sulfur Content Tester in April,2016.

In Nov.2016,we visited their office in Balikpapan,and took some photos in their lab.They are professional and our goods are used very well by their technicians.


In 2017,they purchased more proudcts,such as kinematic viscometer and balance from us. We keep a good relateion all the time,and their sister company in Mongolia also purhcase our goods ICP2060T Inductively Coupled Plasma Emission Spectrometer in Sep.2017.

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