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Sulfur Analyzer for Heavy Fuel Oil / Bunker Fuel

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Automatic ED XRF Sulfur in Oil Analyzer

1. Regarding Heavy Fuel Oil (HFO):

The generic term heavy fuel oil (HFO) describes fuels used to generate motion and/or fuels to generate heat that have a particularly high viscosity and density. It is defined either by a density of greater than 900 kg/m³ at 15°C or a kinematic viscosity of more than 180 mm²/s at 50°C. The HFO have large percentages of heavy molecules such as long-chain hydrocarbons and aromatics with long-branched side chains. 

The heavy fuel oil is mainly used as marine fuel, all medium and low-speed marine diesel engines are designed for heavy fuel oil. And, the heavy fuel oil is a residual fuel incurred during the distillation of crude oil. The quality of the residual fuel depends on the quality of the crude oil used in the refinery. The key differentiator of heavy fuel oils is their sulfur content. According to ISO 8217, the maximum sulfur content must not exceed 3.5%. The following main classes with regard to the sulfur content can be distinguished:

Marine Fuel  Maximum Sulfur Content
High sulfur fuel oil 3.5%
Low sulfur fuel oil 1.0%
Ultra low sulfur fuel oil 0.1%

2. It adopts our GD-4294 X-Ray Fluorescence Sulfur-in-Oil Analyzer to measure the sulfur content in petroleum products (Heavy fuel oil, Light oil, naphtha, crude oil, etc.). Its measuring range is 17 ppm~5%(50000ppm) and the detection limit is 10ppm. Compared to the traditional type, i list its main advantages below. 

  • It comes with 8-inch wide viewing angle capacitive touch screen (1024*768) display.

  • It has a large amount of data storage.

  • It has the function of automatic peak stabilization.

  • It selects the working curve by default, without user intervention.

  • The user can select the measurement result unit, ppm or (m/m)%.

Two models of ASTM D4294 Sulfur Analyzer

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