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Training for Nigeria Agent

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Our Nigeria agent came to factory in April and had training for some equipment they bought:

GD-251 TBN Tester
GD-0168 Petroleum Products Colorimeter
GD-265D-1 Kinematic Viscometer
GD-265-3 Automatic Capillary Viscometer Washer
GD-3536 Cleveland Open-Cup Flash Point Tester
GD-12579 Foaming Characteristics Tester
GD-260A Water Content Tester
GD-265D-1 Kinematic Viscometer
GD-265H-1 Automatic Kinematic Viscometer
GD-3536 COC Flash Point Tester
GD-3536D Automatic COC Flash Point Tester
GD-264B Automatic Potentiometric Titrator
GD-508 Ash Content Tester
GD-12579 Foaming Characteristic Tester
GD-510D Pour Point & Cloud Point Tester
GD-5096A Copper Strip Corrosion Tester
GD-7305 Demulsibility Characteristics Tester
GD-2100 Karl Fisher Titrator
GD-17040 X-ray Fluorescence Sulfur Tester
ICP2060T Inductively Coupled Plasma Spectrometer
F650 Lovibond Tintometer
GDH-1087 Cold Cranking Simulator (CCS)

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