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What are the types and test items of high-voltage circuit breakers?

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The high-voltage circuit breaker is the most important power system control and protection equipment. There is a wide variety and large quantity of high-voltage circuit breaker.In normal operation, the high-voltage circuit breaker is used to switch the high voltage circuit and the load is disconnected, used to cut off the fault current in the case of an accident, when necessary, reclosing. The working conditions of the high-voltage circuit breaker and the insulation condition impact on safe and reliable operation of power system.

Extensive use of high voltage circuit breaker in the domestic power system insulation media and the different structure is divided into the following categories:
Multi-oil high-voltage circuit breaker used for 110KV and below the system;
Less oil and high-voltage switchgear circuit breakers, used for 22kv system;
High-voltage air circuit breaker used for 220KV and below systems;
Vacuum high-voltage circuit breaker used for 35KV and below the system;
SF6 high voltage circuit breaker used for 35KV and above systems.

The preventive pilot project of high voltage switch circuit breaker are:
1.The insulation resistance test
2.The leakage current test 40.5KV and above a small oil circuit breaker
3.40.5kv and above non-pure ceramic casing and more oil circuit breaker dielectric loss factor tangent Test
4.To measure insulation resistance of opening and closing solenoid winding resistance

5.To measure circuit breaker shunt capacitors Cx and tangent
6.To measure the resistance of the conductive circuit
7.AC voltage test
8.The test of speed,time and synchronization of opening and closing
9.Check the minimum action of the compact gate solenoid winding voltage
10.Remote operation test
11.Insulating oil test

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