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What is the ductility of bitumen?

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What is the ductility of bitumen?


Bitumen ductility refers to the ductility of asphalt. The greater the ductility, the better the plasticity of the asphalt. Ductility is an important index to evaluate the plasticity of asphalt.

Ductility test is to make asphalt into 8-shaped standard specimens. According to the requirements, the temperature is usually 25°C, 15°C, 10°C, 5°C, and the speed is 50mm per minute (when low temperature is 1cm per minute) The length (cm) when stretched to break is the ductility.

Three Main Indicators of Bitumen Test:

The three main indicators of bitumen test are penetration, softening point and ductility. The consistency, high temperature performance and low temperature resistance of bitumen are characterized respectively. Because asphalt is a temperature-sensitive material, material properties vary greatly at different temperatures. Therefore, the purpose of the test is to determine whether bitumen can meet the characteristics of pavement performance under various extreme climates in highway construction areas. The more important thing is the performance index after aging, the purpose of which is to check the performance changes of bitumen during long-term use.

These experimental indicators are mainly inspections, because the design and specifications have already given the performance required by the materials in each region, and the construction can be carried out only when the performance is met.

Main Bitumen Tests:

1. Softening Point of Bitumen

GD-2806G Softening Point Tester

2. Penetration Test of Bitumen

GD-2801H bitumen penetrometer

3. Ductility Test of Bitumen

GD-4508G-1 Ductility Testing Machine

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