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ASTM D445 Kinematic Viscometer and Related Test Instruments

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The viscosity of petroleum fuels is important for the estimation of optimum storage, handling, and operational conditions. Thus, The accurate determination of viscosity is very important to many products specifications.

ASTM D445 is standard test method for kinematic viscosity of transparent and Opaque liquids.

Test method: To measure the time for a volume of liquid flowing under gravity through a calibrated glass capillary viscometer. 

Our company has four types of kinematic viscometer for your choice:

GD-265C is maual type. The temperature control accuracy is 0.1℃;

GD-265D-1 is semi-automatic type. The temperature control accuracy is 0.01℃;

GD-265H is automatic type with timing function and can auto-calculate and print. The temperature control accuracy is 0.01℃.

GD-265G is low temperature type(-70℃~ambient) with compressor for refrigeration. The temperature control accuracy is 0.1℃

kinematic viscometer

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Kinematic Viscosity Testing Instrument (4)


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Kinematic Viscometer

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