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Hot Automatic Four Ball Tester (including friction coefficient)

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Hot Automatic Four Ball Tester (including friction coefficient)


The automatic four ball tester is quipped with microscope image measurement system software; it can measure constant grinding, maximum non-jamming load PB, sintering load PD, comprehensive wear value ZMZ, automatic calculation of ZMZ and other values, and print the test results into a standard table, and the test results are easy to observe. It can also measure the friction coefficient.

Reference Standards:

  1. ASTM D2783

  2. ASTM D2596

  3. IP 239

  4. DIN 51350-2

  5. DIN 51350-4

  6. ISO 20623:2017

  7. ASTM D4172

  8. ASTM D2266

  9. ASTM D5183

  10. DIN 51350-3

  11. DIN 51350-5

The purpose of measurement of Extreme-Pressure properties of a lubricating grease:

To determine the load carrying capabilities of a lubricating grease under high load applications like bearings.

The purpose of measurement of Wear scar Properties and Coefficient of Friction of a lubricating grease:

To determine the wear preventive characteristics of a lubricant. In the 4-Ball Wear test, a steel ball is rotated against three lubricated stationary steel balls under a specified load, speed, temperature and time.

Most popular Four Ball Tester in China:

4 ball tester

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