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New Product Release-- Fully Automatic Open Cup Flash Point Tester

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Fully Automatic Open Cup Flash Point Tester with 8 Inch Touch Screen. 

automatic flash point analyzer 

一.Main Feature:

1. This instrument uses 8 inch IPS high-definition capacitive screen, 32-bit ARM processor, 24-bit high-precision AD chip, real-time recording of experimental data, status parameters, and curve display.

2. It has the function of automatic measurement of atmospheric pressure and automatic correction of flash point value.

3. Equipped with a Bluetooth interface to wirelessly connect to a computer or mobile APP for data collection and analysis.

4. Ignition method, electronic ignition, gas flame.

5. Use a high-precision control valve to adjust the flame.

二.Main Parameters:

1. Power supply: AC (220±5%) V 50Hz;

2. Power consumption of the whole machine: ≤750W;

3. Temperature measurement: Range: room temperature~400℃; resolution 0.1℃;

4. Heating rate: ⑴Initial heating (14~17)℃/min;

                         ⑵20℃ before reaching the preset flash point, the heating rate will be (5~6)℃/min;

5. Ignition method: ⑴ electronic ignition;

                               ⑵Diameter of igniter: (0.7~0.8) mm;

6. Fire extinguishing device: ⑴After the ignition point appears, it will automatically extinguish and return to its position.⑵You can also manually press the key to extinguish the fire;

7. Data transmission method: Bluetooth transmission;

8. Applicable environment: Temperature: (15~35)℃; Relative humidity: ≤85%;

9. Dimensions: 510mm×320mm×330mm (length×width×height);

10. Net weight of the instrument: 20kg.

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