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New Product release-- High Precision Laboratory Balance 0.0001g

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High Precision Laboratory Balance 0.0001g



1: Maximum weighing: 220 g/ 320g, accuracy: 0.1 mg / 1 mg, repeatability: ±0.1 mg /±1 mg, linearity: ±0.2 mg /±2 mg, weighing pan size: Φ90mm
2: High-resolution color touch screen
3: Single precision quality sensor
4: Real-time display of range progress bar
5: Automatic dual-range, double-precision function
6: Customized dual intelligent internal correction function (temperature control, time control internal school)
7: Seven-level shockproof filter adjustable function
8: Adjustable weighing stabilization time
9: With more than 20 unit conversion functions such as grams, carats, ounces, etc.
10: Two units can be customized
11: Switch the machine to automatically lock the current mode
12: Built-in date and time adjustable function
13: Built-in temperature display function
14: One-key direct access to a variety of settings, easier to operate
15: Equipped with RS232/USB communication interface to connect peripherals
16: Install plug-in, PC-side balance data can be read directly
17: All aluminum bottom shell, lower hook weighing device, portable handle, humanized random accessory box, anti-static metal windshield back panel
18: Weighing application mode: percentage weighing function, density weighing direct reading function, animal (dynamic) weighing function, set object weighing and counting function, cost settlement function, upper and lower limit checkweighing function, gross, net, skin Weighing function, peak hold function, accumulation function

Laboratory Balance

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Laboratory Balance (2)

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