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Petroleum Products Low Temperature Tester ASTM D test standard and our test apparatus

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1. ASTM D6371 cold filter plugging point: It is critical property used to forecase the lowest temperature at which a fuel will freely flow through filters in a diesel engine system.

2. ASTM D97 Pour point: The pour point is a very important property. And it is the temperature point at which the oil loses its flow characteristics. 

3. ASTM D2500 Cloud point: Cloud point of a petroleum product is an index of the lowest temperature of their utility for certain applications.

4.  ASTM D2386 & ASTM D1177 Freezing point :This test method covers the determination of the freezing point of an aqueous engine coolant solution in the laboratory.

For petroleum products low temperature tester series,  we have cold filter plugging point tester, solidifying point teste, pour point tester, cloud point tester and freezing point tester.

low temperature

GD-510G(solidifying point tester):


GD-510G-I(Cold filter plugging point tester):

Cold Filter Plugging Point apparatus (2)

GD-510D(Pour point & Cloud Point tester):

Pour Point and Cloud Point Tester(5)

GD-510F1(Multifunctional low temperature tester)(solidifying point, pour point, cloud point,cold filter plugging point)

Cloud point

GD-2430(Freezing point tester)

Freezing Point (2)

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