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Test Instruments for Asphalt Performance Grade PG Definition

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1. Destruction forms and causes of asphalt pavement:

1) Fatigue cracking: The tensile strength is not enough after aging;

2) Low-temperature cracking: Insufficient low-temperature tensile strength and improper porosity

3) Permanent deformation: Insufficient shear strength at high temperature

4) Water damage: improper porosity, poor bonding ability of asphalt and mineral aggregate

asphalt test

asphalt test (2)

2. Asphalt PG classification test:

1. Rotational viscosity test: Measure the temperature during pumping and operation. The viscosity at 135℃ is required to be less than 3Pa.s

2. Rotating film oven test: under the condition of 163℃, rotate at a speed of 15 rpm, while blowing in hot air of 4000ml/min with a nozzle to age the asphalt, rotate for 85 minutes and weigh it.

3. Pressure aging Oven test (PAV): Put the sample that has undergone RTFOT experiment in PAV, aging for 20 hours at a pressure of 2.07MPa and a temperature of 90°C (100 or 110°C) before doing DSR, BBR.

4. Dynamic shear rheological test (DSR)

5. Bending beam rheological test (BBR)

6. Tensile test

3. European CEN standard:

Mandatory indicators: penetration, softening point, flash point, solubility, rotating film oven

Selectivity indicators: wax content, 60°C dynamic viscosity, 135°C kinematic viscosity, breaking point, thin film oven

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