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ASTM D2882 Lubrication And Wear Testing Machine GDM-1

We perform hydraulic fluid quality testing by ASTM D2882 to estimate the wear characteristics of hydraulic fluids under operating conditions. This test method was discontinued by ASTM in 2003 but is still a part of many hydraulic fluid specifications. The test is performed by operating a Vickers vane-type hydraulic pump under specified operating conditions and measuring the wear on the pump vanes. The test evaluates the wear-prevention capability and lubricity of a hydraulic fluid in “real-world” operating conditions.
  • GDM-1

Lubrication and wear testing machine (anti-wear testing machine)

Machine name: Lubricating oil anti-wear testing machine (dual use of wear-resistant type and oil temperature measurement type) optional

Machine purpose: used to test the lubrication, anti-wear performance and oil temperature changes of lubricating oil and mixed with anti-wear additives

Experimental conditions: Under the condition of 220V, 3-4 thallium of ordinary oil will lock, and 12 thallium of wear-resistant oil will not lock


1. Turn on the power and start the motor. Thoroughly polish the shaft sleeve with a whetstone dipped in ordinary lubricating oil, press the whetstone evenly with your thumb during polishing, clean the shaft sleeve after polishing and turn off the motor. The purpose of polishing is to eliminate the influence of the original oil film or nano film on the experimental results.

2. Fix the steel ball in the short lever groove of the testing machine, add ordinary lubricating oil to the oil box, and install the lubricating oil box and the long and short levers.

3. Start the motor and run it first. Then at intervals (such as about 5 seconds), add weights to the end of the long lever one by one, each weight (family car) is equivalent to the friction pair bearing 100 kg of pressure; for (truck such as Steyr) Add a weight to the friction pair to carry 2 tons of pressure. Record the number of weights and watch the change of the ammeter pointer. The pointer increases, which proves that the power consumption increases, and power consumption is fuel consumption. The noise gradually increases, continue to add weights (about 3 or 4 pieces) until the grinding wheel stops rotating, the machine locks, and the power is turned off quickly. Remove the weight and the short lever to observe the depth of the wear scar, the area of the wear scar and the roughness of the wear scar of the cylindrical grinding block.

4. The formula for calculating the test force at the end of the long lever is 0.6 (weight of each weight) * 1 (number of weights) * 14 (leverage ratio) = kilograms, or 0.6 (weight of each weight) in kilograms* 1 (number of weights) * 14 (lever ratio) * 9.8 Newtons/kg = Newton force.

5. Change the angle of the steel ball and install the lever. Grind the sleeve again, because the previous experiment has worn the sleeve, so it needs to be smoothed.

6. Add our anti-wear lubricants to the oil box.

7. Add weights to the end of the long lever one by one, one block, two blocks... Ordinary oil plus about 4 blocks will lock the machine, while the wear-resistant lubricating oil we operate more than 4 blocks of machines run as usual. Looking at the ammeter pointer, it only moved a little. Current × voltage = power consumption, the pointer of the ammeter changes very little, saving electricity means saving fuel. Gradually add weights until the machine runs as usual.

8. Remove the oil tank and the machine runs as usual. It shows that the nano film does exist, turn off the machine switch.

9. Remove the steel ball and compare with the previous wear marks.

(This testing machine is equipped with our high-precision thermometer to do oil temperature experiment: the steps are: put the steel ball horizontally, put 2 thallium on the long rod, first heat the oil temperature to 50 degrees, and then start timing , Look at the time for the tested oil to heat from 50 degrees to 120 degrees. The longer the time, the better the quality of the oil.)

Every time the oil is changed, the grinding sleeve must be polished with a whetstone. If the polishing is not clean, the tray with the weights will shake and be accompanied by noise, which will affect the effect of the experiment.

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