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GD-0509H Solvent Automatic Evaporation and Recovery Tester

This instrument is a new type of multifunctional product, which can be applied to the separation method of four components of heavy oil, four components of petroleum asphalt, saturated hydrocarbons and aromatic hydrocarbons of petroleum distillate (chromatography), wax content in crude oil, wax in crude oil, rubber Analysis of the content of asphaltenes and asphaltenes
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GD-0509H Solvent Automatic Evaporation and Recovery Tester


The instrument is a new multi-functional product,it is suitable to use and analyze in heavy oil four-componet,petroleum fraction saturated hydrocarbon and arene separation method(Chromatograph separation method),crude oil wax content,raw petroleum wax,colloid,asphaltene content.

The instrument includes three parts: GD-0509Z Petroleum Heavy Oil Family Four-Component Automatic Tester(Main unit),GD-0509Q Adsorption Column Automatic Loading and Cleaning Tester(Auxiliary machine 1),GD-0509H Solvent Automatic Evaporation and Recovery Tester(Auxiliary machine 2)The instrument is designed according to automation and environmental concept,it protects the operators from the poisonous solvent at the greatest extent,and recycle the poisonous solvent when evaporating.The following introduction:the auxiliary machine 2- GD-0509H Solvent Automatic Evaporation and Recovery Tester.

The instrument can set the temperature of evaporation at random according to the requirement,also recyle the evaporating solvent in the process of evaporation,it’s more safe and environmental.

I.Main technical characteristics

1.All English version interface,industry mainboard,7 inch touch LCD display.

2.With two sets of solvent heating device,each set can place 9 pieces receiving flasks at most.There are observation window on the top cover,it’s very clear in the process of evaporation.

3.It can set many kinds of solvent recovery program,and also set the beginning temperature,highest temperature and heating time of the heating device according to the requirement.

4.During the range (0~30)℃,it can set the temperature of the cold bath at random to ensure the maximum recovery quantity of solvent.

5.It sets the solvent recovery program at each recycling,and the instrument will operate or run according to the set parameters.

6.It adopts the imported solvent resistance,high temperature resistance magnetic valve.The vacuum pump is a imported solvent resistance membrane pump with the stable charateristics and long service life.

II.Main technical features and index

1. Evaporation bath:1 group

2.Receiving flask quantity of each group evaporation bath:12 pieces

3.Heating power:1500W

4.Solvent recovery vessel:2L

5.Evaporating temperature:Ambient~140℃,adjustable continuously

6.Condensing temperature: 0~30)℃,set at random

7.Refrigerating method:Compressor

8.Refrigerating power: 375W

9.Operation method:Color LCD touch creen

10.Power supply:     AC(220±10%)V,(50±1)Hz

11.Total consumption:     2400W

12.Work environment:    Ambient temperature 5℃~35℃,relative humidity≤85%

13,Outline dimension:     540×670×1250 (mm)(L×W×H)

14,Net weight:    70kg

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