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GD-611 Automatic Aniline Point Apparatus

The automatic aniline point apparatus is designed refer to ASTM D611, widely applied for the determination of aniline points in light-colored petroleum products and dark-colored petroleum products. 
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GD-611 Automatic Aniline Point Apparatus

What is Aniline Point?

The aniline point refers to the low temperature at which the petroleum product is dissolved in an equal volume of aniline. Aniline point is helpful in characterizing pure hydrocarbons and in the analysis of hydrocarbon mixtures, and aniline point is used to evaluate aromatics content in hydrocarbon mixtures.


The automatic aniline point apparatus is designed and made according to GB/T 262 Petroleum Products and Hydrocarbon Solvents - Determination of aniline point and mixed aniline point and ASTM D611 Standard Test Methods for Aniline Point and Mixed Aniline Point of Petroleum Products and Hydrocarbon Solvents. It is suitable for the determination of aniline points in light-colored petroleum products and dark-colored petroleum products.


1.The automatic aniline point apparatus fully controls the test process, just press the start button to start the test.

2.It adopts 7-inch touch-type high-resolution LCD screen display.

3.Equipped with imported photoelectric devices with good repeatability and reproducibility.

4.Unique temperature control mode, divided into rapid heating and program-controlled heating and cooling, and the heating and cooling rate is stable.

5.Microprocessor program control, automatic heating and heating, automatic stirring, automatic cooling, automatic detection and identification, automatic test result storage and printing.

6.Equipped with standard mode and quick mode to choose from. In the standard mode, the validity of multiple results is automatically judged, and there is a clear text indication.


1. Working power supply: AC 220V±10%, 50Hz

2. The automatic aniline point apparatus adopts the imported infrared photoelectric sensor, real-time control and monitoring, high precision, stable and reliable

3. Single-chip program control, automatic detection of aniline point, automatic storage, automatic printing of experimental results.

4. Temperature control range and accuracy: room temperature~170℃±0.1℃

5. Heating rate in test phase: 2℃/min

6. Cooling rate in the test phase: 0.75℃/min

7. Heating power: 50W

8. Heating method: internal heating

9. Detection method: automatic fiber detection, using fuzzy weighted probability method, and the threshold can be set.

10. Temperature resolution: 0.1℃

11. Stirring method: brushless motor flexible shaft stirring

12. Stirring speed: 100~1500 rpm, continuously adjustable

13. Sample capacity: 20ml (aniline point: 10ml oil sample + 10ml aniline; mixed aniline point: 5ml oil sample + 5ml n-heptane + 10ml aniline)

Automatic Aniline Point Tester

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