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GD-262A Aniline Point Tester

The Aniline Point Tester is also meeting the requirements of standard ISO2977 and ASTM D611, used for determination of Aniline Point and Mixed Aniline Point.
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  • GD-262A

GD-262A Aniline Point Tester 


1. The Aniline Point Tester is designed and made as per test method two in national standard of People’s Republic of China GB/T262 Petroleum Products and Hydrocarbon Solvents-Determination of Aniline Point and Mixed Aniline Point. 

2. The Aniline Point Tester is also meeting the requirements of standard ISO2977 and ASTM D611. 


1. The design of this instrument fully meets the requirements of GB / T262 for aniline point test of dark petroleum products and light petroleum products.

2. This instrument is equipped with two sets of test devices-heavy oil (dark petroleum products) test device and light oil (light petroleum products) test device, which are used to determine the aniline point of heavy oil and light oil .

3. The temperature control system adopts a digital display PID temperature adjustment controller, high temperature control accuracy, stable and reliable performance, easy to operate. 


1. Power supply:  AC(220±10%)V, 50Hz

2. Motor power:   6W

3. Heating power: 2kW

4. Temperature range:  Ambient to 200℃

5. Temperature precision:  ≤0.5℃

6. Power supply for illumination:  5V

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