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Portable Octane Number / Cetane Number Analyzer

The Portable Octane Number / Cetane Number Analyzer adopts color touch screen as the display operating system, and it adopts innovatively developed high-precision digital sensor with strong anti-interference ability, small variation and high precision. The screen displays RON, motor MON, anti-knock index (M+R)/2, and can be stored for browsing, reading and printing.
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Portable Octane Number & Cetane Number Analyzer


The Octane Number / Cetane Number Tester is benchtop type, designed to measure Motor octane number of aviation gasoline, light gasoline; Research octane number  of gasoline for motor vehicles, blended gasoline, isomerised gasoline, arene gasoline, ethanol and Cetane number of automobile diesel fuel. The test results meets the standards of ASTM D2699-86 and ASTM D613 - 18a. 


  1. Octane number test results meets the standards of ASTM D2699-86

  2. Diesel fuel test results meets the standards of ASTM D613 - 18a

  3. Highly precise sensors

  4. Displays RON, MON and AK (antiknock) index simultaneously

  5. Calculates Cetane number automatically

  6. Digital transmission technology to transfer data

  7. Least variation in values

  8. Requires only 150 ml of test sample

  9. Results displayed within 1 min

  10. LCD display

  11. Can store data


1. Measurement range for aviation gasoline: 86.0~105.0/MON  

    Measurement range for gasoline for motor vehicles: National standard: 65.0~110.0/RON    

                                                                                         National-V standard: 70~115.0/RON  

                                                                                         Blended gasoline: 75.0~120.0/RON     

                                                                                         Light gasoline:50.0~85.0 /MON

                                                                                         Isomerized gasoline: 85.0~120.0/RON    

                                                                                         Arene gasoline:90.0~120.0/RON

    Measurement range for Ethanol:   E93: 92.0~95.0/RON        

                                                           E97: 95.0~99.0/RON       

                                                           Judgement: 60.0~120.0/RON

    Measurement range for automobile diesel fuels:  25~75/CN (cetane number)    

                                                                                    20~80/CI (cetane index)

2. Accuracy: Aviation gasoline: ≤± 1.5/MON   

                    Gasoline for motor vehicles: ≤±1.5/RON ≤±1.5/MON

                    Automobile diesel fuels: ≤±2.6/CN ≤±2.6/CI  

                    Regression sample retest: ≤±0.5/RON ≤±0.5/MON

                    Regression sample measurement: ≤±1.5/RON  ≤± 1.5/MON

                    Calibration accuracy: ≤±0.2/RON    ≤±0.2/MON

3. Precision (confidence level 95%): 

    Reproducibility:  ≤±0.5/RON      

    Repeatability: ≤±0.2/RON

4. Minimum scale:  0.1/RON    0.1/MON   0.1/CI

5. Response time:  1s

6. Test result:  LCD display, it can store and print

7. Power supply:  AC (220±10%) V, (50±1) Hz

8. Working environment: 10℃~35℃, relative humidity: ≤85%

9. Dimension: 330mm*240mm*170mm

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