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ASTM D2699 ASTM D2700 Gasoline Octane Number by Research And Motor Method (40~120 O. N.)

GD-VII Gasoline Octane Tester is suitable for the determination of octane number of automobile gasoline and gasoline for ignition aviation engine (including motor method and research method), the test range is from is from 40 to 120 O.N.
  • GD-VII

  • GOLD

High-end Gasoline Octane Number Measuring Machine

Octane Number Machine

Available standards:

Gasoline octane number measuring machine for the determination of antiknock performance of automobile and spark ignition type aeroengine gasoline.

GB/T503 Gasoline octane number measuring machine (Motor method), ASTM D2700 Gasoline octane number measuring machine (Motor method)

GB/T5487 Gasoline Octane Number Measuring Machine (Research Method), ASTM D2699 Gasoline Octane Number Measuring Machine (Research Method)

Main Structure:

GD-VII gasoline octane number measuring machine is an integrated system involving the engine, computer processor, sensor measurement and control technology, information transfer and other technical areas. It is an new instrument combining Germany and American technologies with GOLD independent intelligent property rights to measure the octane number.

1 -Carburetor 2- Airing system 3- Compression ratio adjustment system 4- Cooling system 5- Control cabinet 

6- Substrate 7- Ignition system 8- Lubricating system 9- Engine assembly 10- Exhaust system 11- Cooling tower

Gasoline Octane Testing

Main Technical Features:

1.The host is a standard single-cylinder engine with the variable compression ratio, equipping with carburetor, air drier (Hereafter referred to ice tower), ignition system, signal sensor and other parts. Under the control of the computer system, it has the collection, calculation, display, save and print test results functions.
2.The instrument has Motor method and Research method standard test methods.
3. Combined belt pulley is used, to facilitate to exchange between two test methods.
4. A new mixed heater is used, to facilitate to exchange between two test methods.
5. Compression ratio can be adjusted automatically or inching adjusted. The cylinder body has the limit protection for the lifting operation.
6. Hall ignition way is used, to ensure the accuracy and stability of the ignition, extending the life of the igniter.
7. Ignition advance angle is adjusted automatically.
8. Preset octane number - compression ratio work curve is embedded, with automatic table loop-up.
9. A good engine working condition ensures that the interpolation method and compression ratio method can comply with the national standards.
10. A environmental air pressure automatic compensation function is built in.
11. Touch screen is used, to display the operation tips in real time.
12. Pressure inside the crankcase is monitored.
13. With the oil preheating function, preheat time is reduced.
14. A new four-cavity carburetor is used, to meet the light component oil test requirements. (Optional)
15. The optimum liquid level can be automatically found, to reduce the human errors, easy to operate. (Optional)

Product Parameters:

1.The instrument body is a standard type single-cylinder engine with variable compression ratio, equipped with
carburetor, intake air dryer, ignition system, signal sensor components, and power system.
2.Test method: support compression ratio method and interpolation method to assess oil; those two methods can meet
the national standard requirements.
3.Test standard: The instrument is a dual-purpose machine available for motor method and research method.
4.Test range: 40-120 octane numbers
5.Machine power: 12KW
6.Cast iron cylinder bore diameter: 82.55mm
7.Cast iron piston stroke: 114.3mm
8.Displacement: 0.61L
9. Valve clearance: 0.20mm for inlet valve; 0.25mm for exhaust valve
10.Spark plug clearance: 0.5mm
11.Compression ratio adjustment range: 4:1~18:1; the compression ratio can be automatically and manually controlled; the compression ratio adjustment motor can rotate forward and backward, with deceleration self-locking function to ensure that the position is fixed after adjustment to the proper place.
12.Engine speed: (900±9) r/min for motor method; (600±6) r/min for research method;
13.Oil pressure ≥0.15MPa (Indication on the oil pressure gauge) at the operating temperature;
14. Lubricating oil temperature: (57±8)ºC, with the auxiliary lubricating oil preheating function; l
15.Air heating temperature: 165±1ºC for motor method: 52±1ºC for research method (Computer digital display)
16. Cooling water temperature: (100±1)ºC (Computer digital display)
17.Ignition advance angle: motor method 5.0:  BTDC (26±1.5 °)
                                               Research method: BTDC 13°
18.Repeatability: for motor method, 80-90 octane number, with allowable tolerance of ≤ 0.3/M
                           for research method, 90-110 octane number, with allowable tolerance of ≤ 0.2/R

19.Dimensions: 1650mm W×820mm D×1480mm H

20.Net weight: 900 KG

Gasoline octane test unit

Gasoline octane test equipment details

Cetane Number Measuring Machine accessories

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