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ASTM D5453 Semi Automatic UV Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer For Gasoline And Diesel

ASTM D5453 Semi Automatic UV Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer is suitable for testing the low-sulfur content of gasoline and diesel including National V standards, as well as the testing of total sulfur content in liquid, gas, and solid samples. It can be widely used in petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, coal, food, environmental protection and other fields.
  • GD-5453B

  • GOLD

ASTM D5453 Semi Automatic UV Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer For Gasoline And Diesel

Performance Standard:

SH/T 0689-2000: Determination of Total Sulfur Content in Light Hydrocarbons, Engine Fuels, and Other Oils (Ultraviolet Fluorescence Method)

ASTM D5453-1993

System Configuration:

Standard Configuration: Complete set of GD-5453B UV Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer (brand computer, quartz tube, liquid sampler, etc.); Photomultiplier tube (Japan), data acquisition card (USA), membrane dryer (Japan), filter (USA), ultraviolet lamp (Germany), etc.

Optional Accessories: Solid sampler, gas sampler, quartz tube cracking unit, and various standard samples.

Instrument Principle:

The GD-5453B UV Fluorescence Sulfur Analyzer adopts the principle of ultraviolet fluorescence method for sulfur measurement. After the sample is introduced into the high-temperature cracking furnace, it undergoes a decomposition and oxidation reaction, where the sulfides quantitatively convert to sulfur dioxide. The carrier gas passes through a membrane dryer to remove moisture and enters the reaction chamber. Sulfur dioxide absorbs the energy of ultraviolet light and transforms into excited state sulfur dioxide (SO2). When SO2 returns to the stable state of sulfur dioxide, it emits fluorescence, and the released energy is detected by a photomultiplier tube. After amplification by a microcurrent amplifier and data processing by a computer, the emitted light intensity is proportional to the amount of sulfur dioxide generated in the reaction. The quantity of sulfur dioxide is also proportional to the total sulfur content in the sample. The measurement of the emitted light intensity determines the total sulfur content in the sample.

Main Features:

1. High Sensitivity: The instrument uses the ultraviolet fluorescence method to determine the total sulfur content, which improves the ability to resist interference from impurities and avoids the complex operation and instability issues of the coulometric method with titration cell, greatly enhancing the sensitivity of the instrument. Key components of the system adopt imported devices, ensuring reliable performance.

2.The instrument adopts the widely popular USB communication interface with standard 24-bit data acquisition, and the minimum detectable signal is less than 1 microvolt.

3. Data can be stored, accessed, and printed at will, and relevant issues encountered during fieldwork can be resolved based on the data files.

4. The main components of the instrument adopt original imported devices, surpassing similar domestic instruments in performance and can serve as a substitute for imported products.

5. The high voltage of the photomultiplier tube (PMT) can be adjusted arbitrarily, and the calibration of the standard curve can be done using single-point or multi-point calibration, making the operation simple.

6. The software can run on all current operating systems, demonstrating strong adaptability. The instrument software has powerful functions.

Technical Specifications:

Sample Types: Liquid, Solid, and Gas

Measurement Method: Ultraviolet Fluorescence Method (S)

Sample Volume: Solid Sample: 1-20mg, Liquid Sample: 5-20μl, Gas Sample: 1-5mL Measurement Range: 0.1 to 10000ppm (high concentrations can be diluted for measurement)

Temperature Control Range: Room temperature to 1300℃

Temperature Control Accuracy: ±1℃

Gas Supply Requirements: High-purity Argon Gas: Purity of 99.9% or above,

High-purity Oxygen Gas: Purity of 99.9% or above

Power Supply: AC220V±22V, 50Hz/60HZ±0.5Hz, 1500 W

Measurement Accuracy:

Concentration Values (ppm)

Sample Volume(μL)

















Marine Fuel Sulfur AnalyzerAstm D5453 Sulfur Analyzer

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