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Automated Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer

The Automated Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer is designed and manufactured in full accordance with the requirements of ASTM D7621, ISO 8217, IP 570, it is controlled by the computer, automatic test and print the results.
  • GD-R3027
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  • GD-R3027

GD-R3027 Automated Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer


The Automated Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer is designed and manufactured in full accordance with the requirements of relevant ASTM and IP test standards. A small amount of sample is diluted with diluent, heated to 60°C in a metal bath under precise temperature control, and the H2S in the sample is released. Clean air As a carrier gas, H2S is carried to the measuring cell of the electrochemical sensor, and the instant concentration of H2S is measured. The air flow is measured and controlled by a digital mass flowmeter. When the H2S in the sample is completely released, the instrument will automatically calculate the cumulative concentration of H2S.

Functional Features:

1.Computer control, automatic measurement, automatic calculation results.

2.The air flow is measured and controlled by digital mass flowmeter.

3.The Automated Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer is designed and manufactured completely in accordance with ASTM and IP testing standards.

4.The gas phase processor of semiconductor refrigeration has fast cooling speed.

5.It adopts the Cadon Fisher glass reaction test tube with easy operation.

6.Luer type sintering filter, filled with special adsorbent.

7.It adopts the Cadon H2S200 detection system for direct reading.

8.Quick Screwing gland self-sealing.


1.Petroleum products manufacturing enterprises

2.Related inspection department

Reference Standards:

1.ASTM D7621 Standard Test Method for Determination of Hydrogen Sulfide in Fuel Oils by Rapid Liquid Phase Extraction.

2.ISO 8217 Petroleum products - Fuels (class F) - Specifications of marine fuels.

3.IP 570 Determination of hydrogen sulfide in fuel oils - Rapid liquid phase extraction method

Technical Parameters:


GD-R3027 Automated Hydrogen Sulfide Analyzer

Applicable standards

ASTM D7621; ISO 8217; IP 570

Measuring range

0-250mg/kg H2S

Operating temperature


Viscosity range

Up to 3,000mm2/s

Inspecting mode

Electrochemistry sensor

Test time

15 minutes

Sampling volume

1ml, 2ml, 5ml (According to the concentration of H2S)

Diluted doses


Working power supply

AC220V±10V 50Hz

Engine power


Instrument dimensions


Net weight


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