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GD-5453 UVF Sulfur in Oil Analyzer

The GD-5453 UVF Sulfur in Oil Analyzer is capable of quickly and accurately analyzing a wide range of sulfur content, from just 0.2ppm (gasoline, etc.) to much higher concentrations (crude oil). Sulfur dioxide is measured continuously by ultraviolet fluorescence. The testing method is based on the fluorescence of SO2 due to absorption of ultraviolet UV energy.
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GD-5453 UVF Sulfur in Oil Analyzer

What is UVF Sulfur in Oil Analyzer?
Sulfur is a natural present element in most hydrocarbon feed streams and responsible for many undesirable effects like catalyst poisoning, detrimental product quality and ecosystem pollution. So it is necessary to quantify and monitor the sulfur content in nearly every step of the industry´s operations, or for final product specification or regulatory control.

The Standard ASTM D5453 Test Method is the most used method for determination of Total Sulfur in Light Hydrocarbons, Spark Ignition Engine Fuel, Diesel Engine Fuel, and Engine Oil by Ultraviolet Fluorescence. 

The UVF Sulfur Analyzer improves the ability of anti-jamming and avoids the complicated operation of titration pool and factors of instability which used Coulometry. So the sensitivity of the instrument is greatly improved. The key components of the system adopt imported components to protect the detector light leakage and steam leakage and makes the machine has a reliable guarantee. Standards:SH/T 0689-2000, ASTM D 5453 -2006

Based on Windows ( 7, XP, Me, 98 ) English user's interface to make the operation more convenient and fast.. Operator only needs to click the mouse, and it can complete all of the parameter settings. The data collecting, processing, storage and printing are fully controlled by computer.


Standard configurationPrinter + Computer+GD-5453+Liquid injector
Other optional partsSolid sample injector, gas sample injector
Sample typesSolid, gas and liquid
Determination methodUltraviolet fluorescence method (S)
Sample injection quantitySolid:1-20mg; Liquid:5-20μL; Gas:1-5mL
Measuring range5ppm~5000ppm (High concentration should be diluted, Low concentration gas sample is up to 0.1ppm)
Measuring accuracyConcentration  values (ppm)0.25501005000
Inject Volume(µl)2010101010
RSD (%)2510533
Temperature rangeAmbient to 1150℃
Temperature control precision±1℃
Air supply requirementsHigh purity argon: above 99.9%
High purity oxygen: above 99.9% 
Power supplyAC220V±22V,50Hz±0.5Hz,1500 W
DimensionHost:305(W)*460(D)*400(H)mm; Temp controller:550(W)*460(D)*400(H)mm
Net weightHost:20kg, Temp controller: 40kg


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