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GD-H1311 Engine Oil Noack Volatility Test Apparatus

The Engine Oil Noack Volatility Test Apparatus is designed and made refer to ASTM D5800 for determining the evaporation loss of lubricating oils (particularly engine oils). The evaporation loss/volatility of engine oils is of particular importance to the automotive industry as it closely relates to oil consumption in an engine and can lead to a change in the properties of the engine lubricant.
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GD-H1311 Engine Oil Noack Volatility Test Apparatus


The Noack Volatility Test Apparatus is used to determine the amount of evaporation loss of lubricating oil. Put the weighed sample into the crucible for heating, by controlling the constant temperature and suction pressure, the mass of the evaporation loss of the test sample is measured by heating and evaporation for 1 hour, expressed as a percentage of loss.


1. The latest technology: in place of the Method A, the test process does not require Wood Alloy to avoid environmental pollution and personal injury.

2. Control mode: embedded operating system, high-speed microprocessor control, stable and reliable.

3. Printing method: USB printer interface, RS232 interface.

4. Touch screen: LCD display, convenient touch screen operation.

5. Safety: Built-in diagnostic procedure and a variety of alarm functions.

6. Accuracy control: built-in large-capacity EPROM, real-time recording of temperature and pressure values at each moment.

7. Efficient carbon fiber heating tube, rapid heating, low thermal hysteresis and uniform heating.


1. Applicable standards: ASTM D5800, DIN51581, NFT60616, CECC40A9S, SH/T0059.

2. Temperature control mode: digital display PID temperature control

3. Temperature control range: normal temperature ~ 250 ± 0.5℃

4. Heating method: metal bath heating

5. Pressure regulation: high precision needle valve

6. Suction method: vacuum pump

7. Metal bath heating device, safe and environmentally friendly

8. Imported inclined tube differential pressure gauge to ensure accurate pressure

9. The Noack Volatility Test Apparatus is equipped with a special vacuum pumping system

10. Digital timer to record the test time

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