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Laser Liquid Particle Counter for Liquid Particle Counting

The Laser Liquid Particle Counter is designed refer to GJB-420B, NAS1638, ISO4406 and gamma OCT17216-71, it comes with touch screen, easy to operate. The particle counters are used for oil contamination analysis, widely used for hydraulic and lubricating oil systems.
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Laser Liquid Particle Counter for Liquid Particle Counting


1. The Liquid Partical Counter adopts the shading principle which specified by the International Hydraulic Standards Committee.

2. Built-in four commonly used standards GJB 420B, NAS1638, ISO4406, ГOCT17216-71.

3. It adopts the advanced high pressure syringe pump injection system, support custom volume. 

4. The oil particle counter is specifically designed for detecting the contaminated particles in oil, which is according to the standard GB/T 18854-2002 (ISO11171-1999) and other national and international standards. 

5. It is suitable for hydraulic oil, lubricating oil, power plant fuel oil, insulating oil and turbine oil. 

6. The device is fully compliant with the corresponding national military standard and international standards. 

7. It is developed by the principle of light blockage method(shading method) which can provide fast, accurate, reliable and repeatable test results. And it can provide the complete pollution monitoring analysis report. 

8. The large-screen touch human-machine interface is easy to operate.


1. It adopts the counting principle of light blockage method(shading method) which specified by the International Hydraulic Standards Committee.

2. It adopts the advanced injection pump combined with positive pressure injection system, so that the injection speed is stable and the sampling accuracy is high.

3. Self-set sampling volume for easy detection.

4. Built-in four commonly used standards GJB-420B, NAS1638, ISO4406 and ГOCT17216-71.

5. Built-in two calibration curves, compatible with all domestic and international standards.

6. Support for custom standard testing.

7. Full-featured automatic operation without external computer or printer.

8. The particel counter adopts laser diodes as a light source for superior performance and long life.

9. It adopts the bottle sampling method, wide pressure range, can test samples of different viscosities.

10. With data storage for easy viewing.

11. Simple elegant design, touch screen for easy operation.


1. Light source: semiconductor laser

2. Size range: 0.8um ~ 400um

3. detection channels: 8-channel arbitrary particle size (sensor test range)

4. Resolution: better than 10% (GBT18854-2002)

5. Repeatability: RSD <2%

6. medium: hydraulic oil, fuel oil, transparent liquid

7. Viscosity range: 350cSt

8. Sample volume: 0.2 ~ 1000.0ml

9. Sampling accuracy: better than ± 1% ·

10. Sampling rate: 5mL/min ~ 80mL/min ·

11. Largest vacuum chamber pressure: 0.08MPa ·

12. Pressure compartment maximum pressure: 0.8MPa

13. Limit of coincidence error: 10000 / mL

14. Data output: Instrument testing has shown that built-in printer output, RS232 standard serial output

15. Data storage: 100 Group

16. Power: 220V, 50Hz

17. Standards: Built-in GJB420B, ISO4406, NAS1638 , OCT17216-71 and the user-defined standards

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